• In 1993, Diamond Mike Watson founded a writing contest in honor of his adoptive mother and the birthmother he had never known. The most creative contestant would receive a diamond. A girl named Margaret claimed her grand prize diamond. Like buried treasure, her enchanting poem sparkled deep within the mound of entries.

    Since then, hundreds of thousands of kids have submitted words of love to the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® contest. The contest is now in honor of all moms, and this book is the story of how the largest mother’s appreciation contest in the nation was created.

    Included is a time-line of photographs, word charts, and the history of the contest.  Learn about the culture of enhancing creative writing skills while preparing kids for a lifetime of success.

    The book also shows the evolution of the FlyUp program, in which Diamond Mike has lectured to thousands of school kids about achieving their dreams.

    A great keepsake for adults, teachers, children, and every parent of a Why Mom Deserves a Diamond gemstone winner.

  • Magical swirls and gentle curls are artistically etched on the 14K gold Mother's Touch ring. The design appears as a "half heart" on each side of the ring, giving Mother's Touch its distinct style.
  • Representing any combination of three winners and three gemstones. This alluring 14K gold Triple Encore™ pendant allows every mom to wear a cherished memory every day. Each piece is handset and artistically etched with the Moon Over Mountains® trademark.

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