Diamond Mikeisms

The following is a list of observations and positive lessons that Diamond Mike Watson has compiled from his life experiences.

I will never forget the warm embrace of my adoptive mother. Knowing we are loved creates our essence. It shapes our view of our world and ourselves.

To those whom are searching- never give up.  The joy that may await us will far outweigh the burden of our long journey.


When we face fear in the eyes, the fear goes away.

Most everyone has a phobia, whether it is darkness, heights, or speaking in front of a crowd.  But the real fear is our ignorance of what we fear.  A dark, silent room is welcoming when we are tired.  A bejeweled insect is beautiful when examined closely.  A stranger from another country can become a best friend when one discovers shared humor or favorite foods.

Be Mindful. Be aware of this moment. It is here you hold our galaxy with its family of stars in your mind and realize you are the light within it.

Be mindful the moon may evoke awe in one person and loneliness in another. We each experience life differently. Your truth may not be another’s truth.

It is our awareness of the universe that brings it to life.  Our awareness is the building block of everything.

We must not overlook the deep wisdom that life constantly teaches us.

Be Forgiving.  Ask for forgiveness when you harm another.  Forgive others who harm you and even those who do not ask for forgiveness.

When we believe in ourselves, our mind makes sure what we believe is true.

When you are self-assured, believe you are valuable, and realize you can accomplish anything in life you FlyUp.

Be prepared for a lifetime of success.

Life will give you anything you ask.

Be Giving.  Give cheerfully without expecting anything in return. Your smile or a kind word can be the greatest gift.

Give more than you take.

It is not what we have but what we give others that is important, like warm smiles and beautiful memories.

You will never go bankrupt from giving too much.

1. Be Kind. Love yourself.  Love others.  Treat all that lives with compassion.

Be Joyful. Smile, laugh and find great joy in all things.

Worry not.

Be joyful for the sunshine of morning, the darkness of night, and all that is in between.

Seek joy first within yourself and you will find joy in everything else.

Happiness does not come from material things, but from the thoughts of love we hold in our hearts.

If we want to look at the past with a smile, we must create a good memory today.

If we want to be happy, we must first find happiness within ourselves.

You are the master of your reality.  Make your bed, have confidence in your abilities and take the first step. Shine your light.  The world needs you today.

Although the pages of our past have already been written, know you can write each new page with whatever you desire.

Be Kind. Love yourself.  Love others.  Recognize your reflection in others.  Treat all that lives with compassion.

Do you realize you are shaping the world at this moment? We have all been given a mission of immense importance. Show kindness in everything you do, and do all things with love.

Be Knowing. Know you are loved. Know you are a living masterpiece.

Know your words, thoughts, and thoughts can encourage, inspire and heal.

Know all things are possible with intention and perseverance.

The amazing thing about every day is you create it along the way. Although the pages of your past have been written, know you can write each new page with whatever you desire.

Only when we know we are loved can we love ourselves.

When we love ourselves, it is easy to love others.

When we love others, our world becomes our beautiful home.

When we feel beautiful, everything is beautiful. When we feel gloomy, everything is gloomy.

If you want peace, you must be the peace. If you want love, you must be the love.

If you want to live in a universe of understanding and serenity, you must be understanding and serene.

The universe is a mirror. It is a reflection of you. You see what you want to see.

Living one’s priority is awesome, strange, and beautiful. We destine life to happen from our thoughts and dreams and actions.

The amazing thing about every day is you create it along the way.

As I walk west in the evening I admire the orange sun descending behind a mountain. At the same instant, it is possible that a person walking east may enjoy the birth of the moon rising above leafy trees. Even if we walk together in the same direction, the sun may feel inviting to one yet glaring to the other. The moon may inspire wonder to one yet evoke loneliness to another.

When something “happens,” it is only relative to the observer. Feelings of love and reverence can be feelings of fear for another. Happiness to one may be anxiety for someone else. We create what “happens” from within ourselves.

No matter what we face, it is difficult for us to share the same experience. How wonderful it is when we laugh, are in awe, or contemplate in unison. How beautiful the instant we collide into another’s universe like the notes of a symphony. We must relish these moments.

Every day, how many times have we misinterpreted kindness for rudeness, generosity for selfishness, or courage for fear? And why is it so difficult for us to agree on what we have experienced? Why does a particular image or sound bring joy to one and sadness to another? During the rare occasions when we see eye to eye, I suggest we say, “I am glad you were here to experience this with me.”

Life is like a silver dish. In the dish lies every delicacy, dream, and joy one can imagine. Everything in the universe is contained within this dish although its shiny glare can temporarily blind us of its treasures.  This dish is available to everyone.  All we need to do is reach inside.

There is nothing stopping you from achieving all the happiness and success that life is ready to give you. Just be thankful. Just see the precious objects and beautiful people who already surround you. Just open your eyes.

When you see a star you are peering into the past. Because the star is so far away it takes million of years for the light of the star to reach your eye. When you see the star you’re not looking at what it looks like now. You’re looking at what it was millions of years ago.

You are a time traveler.

One of these days we may understand that every moment of time lives in this very moment. Whether we are here for one hundred more minutes or one hundred more years, we must live our lives to the fullest. We must enjoy those we love. Our entire lives may be contained in the moment one is reading this.

The moon may evoke joy to one and loneliness in another.   We each experience life differently.  Our truth may not be another’s truth.

You are a masterpiece, equal but no greater than the motion of a hummingbird, the spiral of a seashell, or the ripple of a wave.

When we admire life from its smallest building block, we see the sum of our hopes, fears, dreams and imagination. That is why it is important to choose our thoughts wisely.

The universe is a giant mirror. It simply reflects how we see ourselves.

When a child is rewarded for their creative efforts it is a wonderful feeling, a great esteem builder, and prepares them for all the success life offers.

When a child is recognized for their achievement, they retain a lifelong memory of pride and great worth.  This remains with them their entire lives.

When kids know they are loved they can accomplish anything.

Words have the power to encourage, inspire and heal. They have tremendous influence when written, and even more so when heard. Words can transform us. We never forget beautiful words that are spoken to us.

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