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May, 2022

If money is no object for mom, how about buying her diamonds? A local sixth grader got that for his mom. KCal9 Orange County reporter Michelle Gile explains how he did it.

“You like the diamond?”

“Yeah, yours now.”

“What should I do with it?”

“Keep it.”

Not many kids can say they got their mom a diamond for Mother’s Day. But the poem this Orange County sixth-grader wrote about his mom topped the list in the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest.

“Like ripples on the shore, made of waves, washing away worries while adding memories. Her love is singing like sweet, sweet melodies.”

The 12-year-old Rancho Santa Margarita student got the idea to participate from his teacher at St. John’s Episcopal School. She encouraged her class to write a poem about mom and Jason’s sparkled.

“It was amazing. But I always think his writing is amazing. He doesn’t think he’s a good writer. But in my opinion, he is.

“Jason Ross. The 2022 Diamond winner!”

It’s become a tradition for competition founder and Santa Ana jeweler Diamond Mike Watson to award the diamond to mother and child right before Mother’s Day.

Diamond Mike Watson started the competition 30 years ago to honor his adoptive mom and the birth mom he never knew. During that time, he’s given away more than 18 carats of diamonds to kids who’ve written about their moms.

“And every time your mom looks at this diamond, Jason, who will she think of?”

“Me, I hope.”

“And what else will she think of when she sees that?

“My love for you.”

“All the words that you said, which is worth a million times more than the diamond itself, right?”

Jason’s mom will wear the diamond close to her heart.

“I think I’m going to put into a necklace because I think that would be something that I can wear all the time.”

Jason Ross admits this is the first time he’s tried in earnest to craft a poem.

“I don’t like writing that much. I do love reading, but yeah, poetry is not my thing. I guess it is now.”

In Santa Ana, Michelle Gile, KCal9 news.