Project Description

Diamond Day- 2017. Media.

May 12, 2017

By founder Diamond Mike Watson.

The story behind this is we opened Gallery of Diamonds in 1991.  In 1993, we came up with an idea.

I’m a diamond merchant, but I also happened to be adopted.  Being adopted and a diamond merchant- and somehow we wove those together and it became an essay contest.  It was an essay contest for kids – who ever writes the best essay about their mom.

And it would be called Why Mom Deserves a Diamond.  That hasn’t changed in 25 years.

I’m sure when you first do the assignment, yeah, I’m going to win a diamond.  I’m going to win my mom a diamond.

But as they’re writing, they’re thinking, you know, my mom is very special.  And sometimes you can feel that in the writing as they go.

“The torch that shines the way, the gleam in the end this cave, the glisten in all the stars, my mother shines far.”  – Joseph Hamby.

It’s even harder while it’s spinning, right? Put it in your mom’s hand.

It is a beautiful diamond.  Mom, put your hand here.  Every time your mom looks at that stone, who will she think of?  Yes, you!

And what else will she think of when she sees that? –All the beautiful words that you said.