Project Description

2003 Diamond Winners

11th Annual Diamond Day – March 8, 2003

Orange County,

Grade 1-5 Category

Aris Simsarian

  • My mom is like jewels
    glimmering through the night sky.
    Her eyes sparkle like rain
    dropping from the clouds.
    I love you mom, all the time.
  • Grade: 2
  • School: De Portola Elementary
  • School City: Mission Viejo, CA
  • Diamond Teacher: Kathy Moon
  • Diamond Mom: Anne Marie

Orange County,

Grade 6-12 Category

Logan Cluttey

  • Essence of happiness in this gray world.
    She taught me to respect life,
    while leaving my footprint.
    But in comparison,
    mine are as oarstrokes
    upon the water.
  • Grade: 8
  • School: Las Flores Intermediate
  • School City: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  • Diamond Teacher: Laurie Cummings
  • Diamond Mom: Carole


National Winner

Travis Dziad

  • My mother – a rock, silent and firm. My mother – a river, peaceful and calm. Mother – the sun, warm and loving. She is the greatest wonder of creation.
  • Grade: 6
  • School: St. Marys
  • School City: Greenville, SC
  • Diamond Teacher: Gina Carter
  • Diamond Mom: Denise