The Story of our Jewelry

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For nearly thirty years, our master jewelers have hand-set every gemstone with the same artisanship that has been used throughout the ages.  The gems are expertly hand-set to display their natural splendor. A jeweler with even slightly less skill can easily set the gem crooked or even damage the gem. After each piece is thoroughly inspected, it undergoes a three-step polishing process which gives the jewelry its shine and luster.

Every piece comes with a lifetime guarantee if the gem ever falls out and we will reset it for free.

When you own Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® jewelry, you know you have the best. With proper care, your jewelry will last a lifetime.

The creative mind of Diamond Mike

As Diamond Mike was designing jewelry, he wanted to incorporate symbols that would become eternal reminders of a mother and child’s love.  Nearly every piece is etched with one of these symbols.

Arms of Love®

The Arms of Love® symbol came into being by drawing a backwards “S,” then extending an arch to the left about two-thirds of the way down from the top.  After much experimentation, the final drawing reminded Diamond Mike of the outstretched arms of a mother holding her child.  The figure points to the negative integers of time, reminding us of our birth origins. 

Moon Over Mountains® spells MoM

Moon Over Mountains comes from the acronym, mom, which is the most sacred word of the contest. As Diamond Mine scribbled the word mom several times, he realized that the letter M resembled mountains. When the circular O was placed above the M, it looked like a rising moon.  The abstract form of the word “mom” appeared!