Project Description

2000 Diamond Winners

8th Annual Diamond Day – April 2, 2000

Orange County,

Grade 7-12 Category

Tiffany Lamanski

  • A flower that blossoms everyday. A stream that always flows. An adventure that has just begun. A book that never ends. A candle that will never die – Mother.
  • Grade 7
  • St. Pius V
  • Buena Park, CA
  • Diamond Mom: Pauline

Orange County,

Grade 1-6 Category

Sandy Enriquez

  • Her hair like the swaying sea cradling a sunset. Eyes like two blue sparkling sapphires. Hands as smooth as gold silk. A voice soft like the gentle wind. Mom.
  • Grade 5
  • Gilbert Elementary
  • Garden Grove, CA
  • Diamond Mom: Mery


National Winner

Rachel Tomberlin

  • The soothing sound of her voice melts away my sorrow. The gentleness of her touch relieves my deepest pains. The warmth of her sparkling eyes penetrates my soul. Mom.
  • Grade 7
  • St. Timothy Episcopal
  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Diamond Mom: Cathy


National Winner

Laura Cataldi

  • My mother’s love is like a blanket, shielding me from cold winds of harm. Embraced within her soft touch, I am safe. Sacrificing all, she comforts me forever.
  • Grade 10
  • Nardin Academy
  • Buffalo NY
  • Diamond Mom: Pauline


National Winner

Jennifer Scruggs

  • A glorious angel sent from heaven, with beauty like a dove. Her voice drains all sadness. A brilliant star shining through the darkness. My friend, my mom.
  • Grade 5
  • Sleepy Hollow Elementary
  • Amarillo TX
  • Diamond Mom: Laura


National Winner

Victor Taylor

  • A vast lake sparkling with sunlight. A pure meadow with the gentlest breeze. My mother is more beautiful than all of these. My angel. My mother.
  • Grade 5
  • St. Mary
  • New Albany, IN
  • Diamond Mom: Lisa


National Winner

Ashley Goodell

  • My mother is an angel. This is true, I know. She’s an everlasting hug, that’ll never let me go. Knowing that I’m loved, because she told me so.
  • Grade 8
  • Chippewa Middle School
  • Okemos, MI
  • Diamond Mom: Cheryl


National Winner

Ashley Kreidler

  • She is like a wave. As tribulations appear in my life, the tide rises and she flows to my side. Her flowing nature calms my storm. Mom, my refuge.
  • Grade 11
  • St. Johns
  • Delphos, OH
  • Diamond Mom: Mary Jo