Project Description

1997 Diamond Winners

5th Annual Diamond Day – April 26, 1997

Orange County,

Jessica Barraco

  • My Mom is a cozy place
    Like a warm cup of cocoa
    Or a pillow trimmed with lace
    My Mom’s love is all mine
    I can always depend
    She’s more than a mom
    She’s my best friend
  • Grade: 4 Eastshore Elementary
  • Diamond Mom: Dianne

Orange County,

Genevieve Slunka

  • Burning sands, ever shifting. Desert of life I must pass through. When I sink, two hands are lifting. Helping me to start anew. She’s the oasis where I may rest. She, who always knows me best. Diamond in the rough.
  • Grade 11, Irvine High School
  • Diamond Mom: Sherry