Project Description

1994 Diamond Winner

2nd Annual Diamond Day – May 6, 1994

Orange County,

Grade 9 – 12

Alison Murphy

No one knows what it’s like
To walk in her shoes
When every game she played with me
She always seemed to lose

And the note from Santa Claus

Seemed to look the same
As the writing on the lunchbags
Where she wrote my name

In all the falls I took
And the cuts I made
She fixed me up with only a
Kiss and a purple band-aid

With all the things I didn’t do
And all the things she knew
I’d never thought I’d see the day
I saw us moving further away

But of all the things she ever said
And all the nights sleeping in my bed
I promised I’d give her
The diamonds in the sky
When all she said she ever wanted
Were the diamonds in my eyes

  • Grade 10, Capistrano Valley High, Mission Viejo, CA
  • Diamond Mom: Sandy