Welcome, first time teachers!

We are happy you are part of us and our effort to allow students to express their appreciation, become powerful writers, and build self-esteem.

Founder Diamond Mike Watson started the contest in 1993 in honor of his adoptive mother and birth mother he had never known. Today the contest is in honor off all moms.   We have awarded diamonds, amethysts and garnets to thousands of students for their creative writings.

Winning students come with their families for an unforgettable experience when they recite their writings and place their winning prizes into their mother’s hand.

No purchase is necessary. Prizes are genuine gemstones and do not include mountings. Mountings will be offered for parents who wish to set their gemstones.






  • Entries are accepted only on the Official Contest Form.

  • They can be dropped off at our headquarters or mailed to us before the deadline date. We currently do not accept faxed or emailed submissions.

  • We cannot accept entries submitted after the deadline.

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