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Contest Winner: A student who is chosen to receive an unmounted African amethyst or garnet. It is a great honor to be a Contest Winner, because only the best contestant will win one of these beautiful prizes. Entrants must be creative and catch the attention of the Contest Panel Judges.

Contest Panel Judges: These are teachers who spend countless hours thoughtfully grading each entry for creativity and uniqueness. A Contest Panel Judge is only allowed to grade entries outside of his or her own school.

Diamond Contest Panel Judges: These are teachers who discover a Diamond Winner. These teachers must sort through thousands of entries to find the most creative submission. Diamond Contest Panel Judges are awarded a sterling silver amethyst necklace.

Diamond Day: The date to commemorate the Diamond Winners, their Diamond Moms, and their Diamond Teachers. The day is in honor of every mom in the nation. The first Diamond Day in 1993 was held on Mother's Day.

Diamond Mom: The mother of a Diamond Winner. The highest honor a mother can receive. On Diamond Day, Diamond Moms are given a red rose corsage to wear over their hearts.

Diamond Teacher: The teacher of a Diamond Winner. The highest honor a teacher can receive. Diamond Teachers are awarded a sterling silver garnet necklace.

Diamond Winner: The grand prize student who is chosen to receive a quarter-carat diamond to give to mom. This is the highest prize of the contest.

Moon Over Mountains® Award: This is a 14K garnet necklace that may be awarded to a mother who exemplifies strength, courage, or has greatly benefited society and the world.

The Legendary Contest®: This is a registered trademark and has the same meaning as the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® contest. This is defined as a "writing contest in which kids can honor their mothers and have the chance to win a diamond or gemstone."

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