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2018 Diamond Winners
26th Annual Diamond Day - Friday, May 11, 2018

Orange County,
Orange County,
Grade 1-5 Category Grade 6-12 Category
Katelyn Oho Alethia Winley

With hair smooth like frosting. Personality sweet like sprinkles. An embrace warm like bread.  My mom reminds me of my favorite cupcakes.

She outshines the sun.
More brilliant than the stars.
Her love stretches to the end of time.
She is my mom.

Grade: 4 Grade: 8
School: Robert Fisler School: Christ Lutheran School
School City Fullerton, CA School City: Costa Mesa, CA
Diamond Teacher: Emily Hancock Diamond Teacher: Jenny Jordan
Diamond Mom: Renee Weng Diamond Mom: Anastasia Winley
Contest Panel Judge: Mindy Steele

Contest Panel Judge: Laura Sutton

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