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2017 Diamond Winners
25th Annual Diamond Day - May 12, 2016

Orange County,
Orange County,
Grade 1-5 Category Grade 6-12 Category
Lauren Morgan Joseph Dennis Hamby

Mom, the face I wear.
The life I live.
The hand I hold.
The only person that is my savior.
My life.

The torch that shines the way.
The gleam in the endless cave.
The glisten in all the stars.
My mother shines far.

Grade: 3 Grade: 7
School: Gilbert Elementary School: Mendez Fundamental
School City: Garden Grove School City: Santa Ana
Diamond Teacher: Stacey Duffin Diamond Teacher: Ernesto Cisneros
Diamond Mom: Vickie Bui Diamond Mom: Lucero Gallegos
Contest Panel Judge: Valarie Ruig

Contest Panel Judge : Debbra DeMarco

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