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2014 Diamond Winners
22nd Annual Diamond Day - May 9, 2014

Orange County,
Orange County,
Orange County,
Grade 1-5 Category Grade 6-9 Category Grade 10-12 Category
Benjamin Pham Nikki Young Sarah Stern
She's my night's sweet dreams.
My angel in the moonlight watching me. My mom is the stars brightening the world.
Seamless ebony cascades. Fragrant lavender of warmth and loving care. Flaming phoenix of ferocity. Luminous exuberance. My goddess, my mother, my diamond. An artist, my mom has created my character, painted my personality. Colored by her values, I am proudly adorned with her signature.
Grade: 3 Grade: 7 Grade: 11
School: Roch Courreges Elementary School: MacArthur Fundamental School: University High
School City: Fountain Valley School City: Santa Ana School City: Irvine
Diamond Teacher: Valarie Ruig Diamond Teacher: Veronica La Frossia Diamond Teacher: Therese Sorey
Diamond Mom: Yuung Pham Diamond Mom: Xin Lin Diamond Mom: Hara Waldman
Contest Panel Judge: Marsha Sipkovich

Contest Panel Judge: Radha Martinez

Contest Panel Judge: Cristina Barber
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