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2013 Diamond Winners
21st Annual Diamond Day - May 10, 2013

Orange County,
Orange County,
Grade 1-5 Category Grade 6-12 Category
Tony Scarsciotti Gage Butterfield
Mom is as beautiful as majestic unicorns,
flying into a cloud.
She plays music so beautifully
it sounds like magic fading away.
Stars and galaxies in her eyes,
more beautiful than the finest butterflies.
Mom is beauty and grace
all put into one face.
Grade: 4 Grade: 6
School: Benson Elementary School: Crescent Intermediate
School City: Tustin School City: Anaheim
Diamond Teacher: Kim DeBenedetto Diamond Teacher: De' Anna Moore
Diamond Mom: Tina Scarsciotti Diamond Mom: Jennifer Eller
Contest Panel Judge: Bonnie Morse Contest Panel Judge: Melinda Pfafflin
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