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2011 Diamond Winners
19th Annual Diamond Day - February 26, 2011

Orange County,
Orange County,
Grade 1-5 Category Grade 6-12 Category
Leah Korenberg Charlie Xu
My mom sings songs to me.
Her songs are as sweet as hummingbirds.
She fills my heart with caramel.
Flawless, shining brilliance of her eyes,
Tender, nurturing touch of her heart,
Infinite, compelling wisdom of her words,
My mom: such a precious jewel.
Grade: 1 Grade: 8
School: Los Coyotes Elementary School: Rancho San Joaquin Middle School
School City: La Palma School City: Irvine
Diamond Teacher: Virginia Ho Diamond Teacher: Dee McKay
Diamond Mom: Stephanie Korenberg Diamond Mom: Hong Xu
Contest Panel Judge: Elizabeth Merket Contest Panel Judge: Valarie Ruig
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