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2010 Diamond Winners
18th Annual Diamond Day - February 27, 2010

Orange County,
Orange County,
Orange County,
Grade 1-5 Category Grade 6-12 Category Moon Over Mountains (M.O.M) Award
Harvey Zhou Thomas Loi Drew Denny
My mom is the light in the darkness. She has a heart that is a pure diamond. Her smile gives me loyalty, strength, and courage. Mom, hidden in the
earth's soil
Mined, discovered with great bliss
Cleansed, made
absolutely perfect
Revealed with brilliant purity
My mom deserves a diamond because she made a website to help people called, "Liver Families," and I had a transplant when I was five.
Grade 8, Canyon View Elementary, Irvine, CA Grade 8, Bethel Baptist, Santa Ana, CA Grade 4, Valencia Elementary, Laguna Hills, CA
Diamond Teacher: Kelley Smith Diamond Teacher: Robynn Yates Diamond Teacher: Dianna Koutras
Diamond Mom: Xin Zhong Diamond Mom: Jennifer Thai Winning Mom: Mika Denny
Contest Panel Judge: Mary Wilson Contest Panel Judge: Annie Kensinger

Contest Panel Judge: Bonnie Morse
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