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2009 Diamond Winners
17th Annual Diamond Day - February 28, 2009

Orange County,
Orange County,
Grade 1-5 Category Grade 6-12 Category
David Duplissey Cheryl Bond
Eyes glittering with flawless light.
Face perfect as an angel.
She guides me in wisdom.
She is my encouraging branch.
She’s my gem of life.
My mother loves as passionately as a fire in the forge, melting the iron surrounding our hearts, filling us with golden compassion and silver kindness.
Grade 4, Ambuel Elementary, San Juan Capistrano, CA Grade 6, Oak Middle School, Los Alamitos, CA
Diamond Teacher: Jennifer Sullivan Diamond Teacher: Wendy Hearn
Diamond Mom: Deanne Diamond Mom: Alyssa
Contest Panel Judge: Karen French Contest Panel Judge: Kathi Manuel
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