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2002 Diamond Winners
10th Annual Diamond Day - March 24, 2002

Orange County,
Orange County,

Grade 1-5 Category Grade 6-12 Category National Winner
Harry Hudson Amanda Wheeler Matthew Scott
My beautiful rose
is fresh from the garden.
Her eyes sparkle like the dew
on the soft petals.
Her smile glistens like a rainbow.
She is my charming mother.
My mother is a river
meandering in and out.
Flowing into every part of my life.
Her banks overflow with love,
kindness, gentleness, and patience.
She is a saint
Whose love is great
Giving of herself,
She knows not hate
Kind her eyes,
and soft her touch
Because of her,
I have so much
Grade 2, Bathgate Elementary, Mission Viejo, CA Grade 7, Los Alisos Intermediate, Mission Viejo, CA Grade 11, Heartland High School, Belton Missouri
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