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2000 Diamond Winners
8th Annual Diamond Day - April 2, 2000

Orange County,
Orange County,
Grade 7-12 Category Grade 1-6 Category National Winner National Winner
Tiffany Lamanski Sandy Enriquez Rachel Tomberlin Laura Cataldi
A flower that blossoms everyday. A stream that always flows. An adventure that has just begun. A book that never ends. A candle that will never die - Mother. Her hair like the swaying sea cradling a sunset. Eyes like two blue sparkling sapphires. Hands as smooth as gold silk. A voice soft like the gentle wind. Mom. The soothing sound of her voice melts away my sorrow. The gentleness of her touch relieves my deepest pains. The warmth of her sparkling eyes penetrates my soul. Mom. My mother’s love is like a blanket, shielding me from cold winds of harm. Embraced within her soft touch, I am safe. Sacrificing all, she comforts me forever.
Grade 7, St. Pius V, Buena Park, CA Grade 5, Gilbert Elementary, Garden Grove, CA Grade7, St. Timothy Episcopal, Apple Valley, CA Grade 10, Nardin Academy, Buffalo NY
Diamond Mom: Pauline Diamond Mom: Mery Diamond Mom: Cathy Diamond Mom: Pauline

Grade 7-12 Category Grade 1-6 Category National Winner National Winner
Jennifer Scruggs
Victor Taylor
Ashley Goodell
Ashley Kreidler
A glorious angel sent from heaven, with beauty like a dove. Her voice drains all sadness. A brilliant star shining through the darkness. My friend, my mom. A vast lake sparkling with sunlight. A pure meadow with the gentlest breeze. My mother is more beautiful than all of these. My angel. My mother. My mother is an angel. This is true, I know. She’s an everlasting hug, that’ll never let me go. Knowing that I’m loved, because she told me so. She is like a wave. As tribulations appear in my life, the tide rises and she flows to my side. Her flowing nature calms my storm. Mom, my refuge.
Grade 5, Sleepy Hollow Elementary, Amarillo TX Grade 5, St. Mar, New Albany, IN Grade 8, Chippewa Middle School, Okemos, MI Grade 11, St. Johns, Delphos, OH
Diamond Mom: Laura Diamond Mom: Lisa Diamond Mom: Cheryl Diamond Mom: Mary Jo
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