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Ms. Ruig


I'm thrilled to participate in the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® event. What an amazing way to ignite creativity in our children and offer gratitude toward Mom!

My favorite part about the contest is watching the creativity unfold with the students. As a teacher and a panel judge to see them go from something very simplistic, but find the beauty in that simplicity and to watch that creativity unfold is just beautiful. The creativity is found from first grade all the way to grade twelve.

Every teacher should participate in the why mom deserves a diamond contest because it's a great opportunity for teachers to infuse creativity in the students and give them an opportunity to thank their parents, especially their mothers. It's gives students and teachers an opportunity to use every aspect of language arts from simple sentence construction, to summary writing, to making something concise or distinct or even throwing in poetry, metaphors, or similes, it gives students and teachers to opportunity to honor someone that they really know and that's their mom.

The contest should be expanded to all schools in every state. It's a great opportunity for students to honor their moms. Our students have a way of really celebrating their mom in the most simplistic way. Words of appreciation are all that a mom really needs, and of course a sparkly diamond helps too!

When notifying students of the winners it's so exciting as a teacher. I make the phone call home and they get nervous because the teacher is calling home, but when I tell them why I'm calling and they turn and tell their mom its exciting. I think that's truly my favorite part about being a teacher is when my kids get to tell their mom at home that they've won something. That's the really exciting part.

As a panel judge for the contest it has been really fun to read some of the creativity behind some of the poetry that the students write. One of my favorites was something about my mom being a kin to Oreos and a cookie and tuna to a tuna sandwich or something to that nature. It was really great because there was such beauty in that moment and I think it was a first grader who wrote that. And to this day I remember that. Every time I bite into a sandwich or I think about an Oreo cookie I think about that student and those are the true gems that you find.

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