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Mr. MacMurray

What do you feel is the most important aspect of the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest?

The single most important? I can’t pin it down, really. As a teacher, I appreciate the writing challenge. Take all the thoughts you would like to say about your mom and boil them down to twenty words. We get some amazing essays; very often, the students didn’t know they could write that well.

As a parent, I get all gooey inside when the kids tell how special their mom is.

How do you feel the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest contributes to the long-term self-esteem of students?

Again, as a teacher I feel that the contest gives them something worth giving their best effort for. The rewards, if their essay is selected, are huge. They know they were competing with all the kids in Orange County, and they were successful.

And, again, as a parent, the fact that they tried so diligently, did all the rewrites, and even if they did not win a gemstone, they won an insight into how important their mom is to them.

What are the benefits of writing and reading words of appreciation to our mothers?

The essay writing process gets the students to look deeply into their own feelings, then analyze them, then expressing them so others can understand.

What is your favorite part of the contest?

Without doubt, the best part of the contest was seeing the kids and their families come down to select their stones and read the essays to their moms.

As you know, for several years I came down to (Gallery of Diamonds ) to photograph the kids and their families. Those were priceless moments.

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