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Ms. Ferrara

I've been a contest judge for the past twelve years and one of the most exciting things as a judge is looking for that Diamond Winner poem. As a classroom teacher, one of the most exciting moments is when I see who the winners from my class were. It's so touching to see the love and inspiration that mothers have had for students to write an original poem about the one that they love the most.

I would love to see the contest expanded across the nation. Who knows? Maybe across the continent because it inspires children to use words and to write about the one that they love the most.

I would also like to add as a teacher, "Teachers! Use this as a teaching opportunity! We all have standards that we have to cover. We have to cover poetry, similes, and metaphors. So use this as an opportunity to teach poetry, and using descriptive words and helping children understand mood and tone. Teachers, use this as a great opportunity to teach your standards!"

Moms: When your son or daughter reads that poem to you it is one of the most inspirational, touching, emotional moments. You will be touched truly to your heart. One of my student's parents came back to me with tears in her eyes saying how she knows that she captured a priceless moment forever and she has that stone to remember how much her son loved her from that day.

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