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Ms. DeMarco

This contest is amazing. Students love it. From a teacher's perspective, it shows how much they love their moms. From a mom's perspective, because my son has won twice, it's a really fun and unique experience to come down and share the experience. This contest has been going on for twenty years and I love being a part of it as a judge.

My favorite part of the contest is reading all the essays. It's so much fun and I try to picture these kids as they write about their moms and their moms actually reading them. It's really heart-warming. Just to hear Michael's story about his two mom's and why he does the contest is amazing.

Teachers should participate because it is an amazing and unique experience for their students. It's free and heartwarming. It's something that's great for kids and their mom's to experience together.

This contest should absolutely be expanded to all schools in the United States. It's such a great and unique program for the kids and for their mom's to experience together. I love reading, and I know there would be tens of thousands of more essays to read but I'll be happy to read them for Michael Watson who created the most amazing contest for these students across California.

The contest bonds mothers and children together. My son was 10 the first time he won and its just breath taking. I'm so excited to be a judge. It's my third time judging and it's just a really great experience. It's great to be a part of this contest. I'm so thankful and I can't wait for next year.


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