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Ms. Blake


"Mothers often have a thankless job. They provide loving support, a good listening ear, and hugs when they are needed most. We depend on mothers to do so many things for us, but how often do we reach out to tell them how much we love them? The Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest is a wonderful opportunity for children to write a beautiful l expression of their love for their mothers. In addition, it gives students the chance to feel the power behind the written word, and build their confidence as authors. They simply beam when reading the pieces they have written to celebrate their mothers. It is an honor to be a teacher who can encourage students to participate in such a meaningful writing experience."

Interviewer:  What do you feel is the most important aspect of the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest?

Roxanne:  The most important aspect, I believe, is giving students a chance to express their feeling for their mother.  I think moms do so much for us.  They are our caretakers, they’re our carpool drivers, moms do everything under the sun and yet how many times does a student (or a child) take the time to thank their mother for all the things they do and so I think this contest gives students a chance to reflect about why their moms are so meaningful in their life and more important is to give students that chance to be able to share it with their moms.

Interviewer: How do you feel the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest contributes to the long-term self-esteem of students?

Roxanne: AI love the fact that when you encourage students to write something that maybe that they wouldn’t have initiated on their own, for instance, a contest like this, If I had made it something that some students could just volunteer to do, there are always a few students in the classroom that don’t choose to volunteer, but if you encourage them all to do it you’ll get that student who didn’t have self-esteem at all to write and then they read back what they’re written and you see this smile on their face and they just light up when they realize, gosh, I wrote that, and when they read something that’s so meaningful as to write about their mother it means even more. It‘s something that goes deep down, and it is something that is so personal. Hearing a child read back and just seeing the pride in their eyes when they’ve written, something that can truly express their feelings.  It’s exciting when you see them just smile and kind of glow about what they’ve written.

Interviewer: What are the benefits of writing and reading words of appreciation to our mothers?

Roxanne: I think that kind of goes a little bit about what I said; the benefits are definitely in that. You can see one, as a student, that their confidence can be increased when they write about something that means so much. When we give students writing prompts about things that they don’t have a personal experience or a connection with, often the writing isn’t as powerful. When you write about your moms, it’s such a great topic to write about because everyone can think about reasons why or things that are important to them about their mother; reasons why they love them. I think an important aspect of the contest is the fact that students can become more confident as writers because they can be successful writing about such a wonderful topic, like their mother.

Interviewer: What has been your favorite part this year while judging the contest?

Roxanne: I have been honored to be a judge this year.  I think my favorite part is, you think how many different ways can you tell someone that you love your mother.  After reading hundreds of entries I’m amazed at how different ways there are our mothers are amazing, and our mothers do, like I’ve said, so many things for us, and the way that students have captured all of the different ways that they love their mother and all of the different ways that they appreciate them.  I just got goose bumps reading them.  It was a joy to do. I think we need to do a contest like this for our fathers!  It was a lot of fun and truly I feel honored to be able to read such personal and touching pieces of writing from so many children.

Diamond Mike Watson:  Well, Roxanne, that came from your heart and you actually expressed our feelings.  You said everything right there, what we feel about the whole contest.


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