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Ms. Bass

"The Why Mom Deserves Diamond contest is the best opportunity for every teacher to give to their students in order for you to have them write about someone that's so important to them and for them to be able to express themselves. It's an opportunity for everyone to share their love for their mother.

As a teacher, I've had my students participate in the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest for a few years but what really brought it home to me was when my own son won the contest and I was able to come in as a mother and have my son share his winning essay with me and be able to have an amethyst and be able to wear it and remember always that he wrote something special for me.

Every teacher should participate in the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest. It's such an easy way for teachers to showcase their students writings. Students are able to capture their memories and their thoughts and become better writers.

One of the best things that I like about the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest is the students chance to write with a limited amount of words. Students are able to be concise, and they have to really think about what their writing. They're not just going to ramble on, they have to be very precise in their language. It's phenomenal what you can come up with. Students have such a range of opportunities to write, and to write about their mother makes them so much more powerful writers, makes them very excited about writing.

My favorite part of the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest is seeing all the children when they were winners and being able to take that home to their families. They were so excited, so thrilled to share their moment with their families.

One of the most important things about the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest is having students have the opportunity to write about their mothers. It's the most inspirational opportunity for children and easy way to capture their thoughts and memories about their mother."


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