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Ms. Babic

Diamond Mike:  What do you feel is the most important aspect of the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest?

Sandra:  Young people really don’t always get a chance to tell mom how they really feel, and this is an opportunity for them to pour their heart out in just a few words and it is really beautiful to watch them do this.

Diamond Mike: How do you feel the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest contributes to the long-term self-esteem of students?

Sandra:  Because its not for a grade, its for their moms, and there is a teacher who assists them making some decisions.  They’re not competing against one another; they’re actually helping each other say the special words for their mom.

Diamond Mike: What are the benefits of writing and reading words of appreciation to our mothers?

Sandra:  As I said, moms don’t always hear the words, they’re very busy being moms and doing the very important mom things, and the kids don’t slow down to say it either.  To see the tears in the mom’s eyes for just twenty words is worth more than a diamond.

Diamond Mike: And what is your favorite part about the contest?

Sandra:  Seeing mom watch the child pick out the stone and say the poem for them.  It is amazing.


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