How can my school participate?

2018 contest materials will be mailed to your school in December of 2017. Please make sure you are on our mailing list.

If you represent an Orange County school that did not receive contest materials, please contact us at

All submissions must be submitted by an Orange County teacher, and must contain at least 5 entries.

How can I become a judge?

If you are a Southern Californian school teacher, you could be a Contest Panel Judge. Judges must obey the instructions of, Rules for Judges. This contains ancient guidelines for Diamond Winners and gemstone winners. One rule states that a judge may may read as many entries as desired as long as they are not from a judge's own school.






  • Entries are accepted only on the Official Contest Form.

  • They can be dropped off at our headquarters or mailed to us before the deadline date. We currently do not accept faxed or emailed submissions.

  • We cannot accept entries submitted after the deadline.

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