Inspire students to:    Step beyond themselves. - Prepare for a lifetime of success. - Follow their dreams.
Strive for excellence. - Accept the opportunities the world is ready to offer.

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The FlyUp! Program

"Be yourself" is one of the most used phrases of advice in modern history. I remember when my adoptive mother lovingly spoke those same words of encouragement to me. It is the first step in accepting one's passions and dreams. Stepping beyond oneself, on the other hand, is moving in a positive direction outside our imaginary borders. It is being more of oneself, and it can change the world.

Sometimes one must be dramatic to prove a point. Today, miniature umbrellas are brought for students to feel the power of voyaging into a world where all things are possible.

We are constantly reminded of all the things we cannot do. However, when we believe in ourselves, our mind makes sure that what we believe is true. As each student lifts the black and white canopy above their head, they realize they can become more of who they already are and can achieve anything.

As the founder of the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest, it is remarkable to see thousands of participants boosted to higher levels of human needs. What happens, may I ask, when kids know they are loved, believe they are valuable, and realize they can accomplish anything in life? Would you agree that is a needed ingredient for our modern world?

FlyUp! means self-fulfillment, that life knows no boundaries, and understanding all possibilities exist. It is being all one can be.

FlyUp! is a fresh look at the power of positive thinking and remains an inspirational program for all Orange County students.

What happens when you Fully Live Your Unlimited Potential?

You FlyUp!

Diamond Mike Watson, founder

"Your program is amazing! I was truly inspired by your presentation."
Dana McChristie. Thomas Jefferson Elementary, Anaheim.

"Diamond Mike's
optimism was contagious, leaving students and teachers inspired to look upon any goal as attainable."
Cristina Barber. MacArthur Fundamental. Santa Ana.

"Thank you for again giving me this opportunity to enrich my students' learning experience."

Susie Spargur. Chapman Hills Elementary. Orange.

"(Our students) will never forget your charisma and inspiring story!"
Keeley Hayashi. Thomas Jefferson Elementary. Anaheim.i. T
s Jefferson Elementary. Anaheim.
"You have made a difference in so many young lives - and a few old ones too."
June McCartin. Eastbluff Elementary. Newport Beach.


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