Frequently Asked Questions

How are Winners Picked?
Gemstone winners are selected by Contest Panel Judges (teachers from Orange County, California) who search for creativity, sincerity, and originality.

Why Didn't I Win?
Not every participant is selected for a gemstone prize. But we still consider you a winner for taking the time to compose words of love! You now have a beautiful poem that you may read to your mother right now. (It is important to read these words to your mom, for it is your thoughts and feelings that are more valuable than any gem.)

How Do I Write a Winning Entry?
It is important to grab the attention of these Contest Panel Judges immediately. Try trimming out non-important words and replacing them with strong, colorful words. Also, try to quickly get to the heart of your entry by omitting "My mom deserves a diamond because..." or, "...and that's why she deserves a diamond." Also, we know that your mom is the best in the world. we prefer you to tell us, in short, descriptive words, why she is the best.

Can I Enter Again Next Year?
Yes. If you weren't selected as a gemstone winner this year, you are welcome to enter again next year. Be prepared for our telephone call. You might even be the Diamond Winner!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if we can't come at my scheduled time?

Every winning family is provided with a Date-to-Come and Time-to-Come. If you are a 2019 winner and cannot come at your scheduled time, you may come anytime AFTER your scheduled time through June 26 Monday through Friday 2:30pm -7:30pm and Saturday 10am- 4:30pm.

The 2019 Contest Year will conclude on December 20, 2019. Please check for holiday and regular hours.

Can I Pick Up My Prize Without Mom or Without the Winner?
Winners must come with the person who inspired the entry to recite their winning words. Your winning entry is at Gallery of Diamonds Jewelers.

We Can't Find the Entry!
Don't worry. A copy of each winner's words is at Gallery of Diamonds Jewelers. Since we believe in the magic of the spoken word, each winner will read these words to their mom. This is the real prize of the contest! Make sure you leave with a copy of your entry on the free paper provided.

Video Recording
Some areas may be restricted to video recording, but your contest helper will make sure you can take photos.

Do We Need to Purchase Anything?
No. The prizes are free. If you would like to set your winning gemstone into a piece of jewelry you can wear as a memory, your contest helper will show you many options and price ranges to choose from.

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